Tippers – aluminium and steel

Standard equipment :
  • Steel floor 30/10 on a steel subframe
  • Rear tiliting
  • Porte-échelles grillagé avant
  • Steel tubular sideboards – 2mm thick, laser seam-welded, height 330 mm – foldable, rempvable and interchangable
  • Secured automatic opening of rear door while tipping with buffer stops
  • Removable steel, cone-shaped rear pillars
  • White colour
  • Polyurethane mudguards
  • Geomet treated bolts (5 times more resistant than standard galvanisation)
Aditionnal équipment on three-way tippers :
  • Left and sight side tilting


Aditional equipment on aluminium tipper :
  • Aluminium floor 40/10 on an aluminium subframe

All of our steel products are hle certified



Structure :
  • Filled or mesh bulkhead
  • Removable and partly foldable sideboard and rear extensions
  • Universal rear door (automatic with two door pannels
  • Anti-leaf net and tarpaulin
  • Toolbox under tipper / behind driver’s cab
  • One or two-tone colour other than white
  • Mixed tow hitch with Scintex socket

Safety warning devices

  • Flashing warning light (extra-flat halogen and LED)
  • AK5 LED triangle, raised manually or electrically
  • Class I or II reflective strips
Visual identity and branding :
  • Branding and full covering followinf your brand identity chart

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